Published On: June 9th, 20212.1 min read

By: Swallowtail at Sea Pines

Wrapped in a Resort

Wrapped in a Resort

Right in the middle of the dream that became America’s favorite vacation island is Swallowtail at Sea Pines. Halfway between the Harbour Town Yacht Basin – guarded by its world-famous Lighthouse – and all the delights of South Beach, your vacation home-base at Swallowtail gives you the ideal point of view.

Such a privileged vantage point in a world-class resort might seem like the kind of thing you have to wait for, particularly now, as the desire to take that overdue vacation is tempered by a desire to keep observing sensible precautions. If this is the balance you seek, then Swallowtail offers you the answer.

  • Individual villas are equipped with a full kitchen
  • There are no common stairwells, elevators or lobbies
  • Common areas are all outdoors, cleaned and sanitized
  • Grocery stores allow for pick-up
  • We’re surrounded by a 16-mile network of outdoor leisure paths
  • Our nearby Sea Pines Forest Preserve offers 600 acres of unspoiled subtropical beauty

Sea Pines restaurants, including our favorites in The Shops at Sea Pines Center, just across Lighthouse Road from Swallowtail, are open again with pickup, outdoor seating, and careful indoor seating all available.

If you’re feeling like now’s the time, then Swallowtail is indeed the place.

At Home on America’s Favorite Vacation Island

Mixing equal parts “home” and “resort,” your time at Swallowtail has a flavor all its own. A personal getaway, that’s what Swallowtail shares with owners, visitors, and their families and friends. The only thing you can’t get away from is that feeling of being an insider, of being in touch with what the islanders know, about enjoying Hilton Head Island to the fullest.

What We Hear the Neighbors Say

As our Swallowtail neighbors gather around these days we hear talk about outdoor things.  When the Heritage Classic Tournament approaches on Hilton Head Island we’ve seen the last of what we laughingly call winter. Now comes a celebration of all that makes this place great, for residents and lucky visitors alike.

Just call Mindy at 843-671-0409 and ask about available weeks to rent. You’ll be glad you chose to make Swallowtail your getaway. If you feel that you, your family and loved ones have put it off long enough, then Swallowtail at Sea Pines is the perfect place to make your break. From here, everything there is to enjoy about Hilton Head Island is just a short iron shot away. Call Mindy and come join us.