Some of our neighbors right here in Swallowtail at Sea Pines first became acquainted as visitors. Because Swallowtail owners occasionally make their vacation villas available to rent, it was easy to enjoy a visit and see if the Swallowtail experience was right for them. They discovered such an all-encompassing kind of enjoyment that they decided to look into how they might come back every year.

The reasons for the powerful attraction Swallowtail holds are many. Those reasons start a long way back. And Hilton Head Island insiders say that the reasons for this attraction have never been better than today, because the original vision of a world-class resort has been supported all along and refreshed in recent years by massive investments in our powers of attraction.

The Good Old Days are Now

Several of the people we work with arrived in Sea Pines in time to know founder Charles Fraser personally, and a few had the privilege of working with him directly. As a result, we take full advantage of reviewing and referring to those key factors for Sea Pines’ success that Charles put in place from the beginning. Envisioning Swallowtail and putting us in the middle of the Miracle Mile, halfway from the lighthouse to the Sea Pines Beach Club, was one of those success factors, certainly, and of course there were many others.

Yet, it might be said with equal certainty that the most recent years of life in Sea Pines have been a true golden age, maybe the best time ever to enjoy life in the fulfillment of the founder’s dream. Since 2005, the investment and confidence of the Goodwin family in the Sea Pines Resort has been called a rebirth, by no less an authority than Golf Magazine. A friend who’s done a lot of work with resorts and golf courses says, “You can always tell the difference that private investment makes. It shows in the details.”

You Can’t Miss It

Still, you don’t have to drill down to the details to notice all the improvements and modernization measures that have been put in place in the years that the Sea Pines Resort has been in the Goodwins’ hands. From the Clubhouse to the Conference Center, from the golf courses to the Beach Club, a dedication to offering the highest levels of amenities and service is evident. We couldn’t have asked for finer neighbors.

In our domain, here in Swallowtail at Sea Pines, we strive continually to hold up our end of this historic bargain. A resort inspired by a genius, brought to life with talent and dedication, and reborn continually thanks to people who understand – this is what we inherited here in Sea Pines, and what we work to achieve again every day.