Published On: July 7th, 20212.2 min read

By: Swallowtail at Sea Pines

The Pied Piper of Harbour Town

A gentle Pied Piper has, for more than 40 years, entertained and enchanted children and adults alike with his music, under the Liberty Oak in Harbour Town. The tradition is so well established that the children of the children who joined Gregg Russell there for a balmy evening of songs are coming to see him now. It’s a Hilton Head Island tradition that we point to with pride, because Gregg was a personal discovery of Sea Pines Founder Charles Fraser. Gregg credits Charles with giving him a regular job – rare enough for a musician – and in paradise, too, for which Gregg has never stopped showing his gratitude.

The pure entertainment Gregg Russell provides is equaled only by his devotion to local charities and to the audience that grows and changes every year, who gave him this opportunity.

Generations of Enjoyment

A few years ago, some proud parents sent Gregg a photo of their grade-school son sitting in Gregg Russell’s chair and holding Gregg’s guitar. The grade school son was country music hero Brad Paisley. We never tire of the story. What could say it better?

Swallowtail at Sea Pines is a vacation residence that people have passed down through the pleasure of generations, too. People who came to rent a week or two sometimes decided that coming back every year would be a good idea. Seeing their kids grow strong and happy in the Forest Preserve, and on the playgrounds and beaches, and their bikes, and on the hiking trails, with the rhythms of the tidal marshes playing in the background, Swallowtail visitors became Swallowtail owners. Some added another unit or two to their holdings as a gift for the kids. Grown children many times made that choice themselves, too.

Reasons in Abundance

Our six-month summer began here with the RBC Heritage Classic, the PGA tournament that many pros look forward to most of all. The summer wind ushers in days that lengthen to unbelievable measures of beauty. High season rates and traffic are only three months long, so that leaves a lot of time for the smart vacationer to work with.

Some of the vacation villas of Swallowtail in Sea Pines are available to rent, and we make it very easy to do that, here in the center of the original Hilton Head Island dream.

Just call Mindy at 843-671-0409 and find out what weeks are waiting for you here at Swallowtail. You’ll be surprised how reasonable it can be to make a visit to Swallowtail. Just don’t be surprised if you decide to make it a custom.