Published On: June 14th, 20232.3 min read

By: Swallowtail at Sea Pines

The Inside Story of Paradise

The Inside Story of Paradise

With 40% of our visitors to America’s favorite vacation island returning for more, a great deal of inside information gets passed along to those who are interested to ask. Now that high season is almost here, we are reminded that one big piece of the inside story is that summer is not the only great time to be here. For one thing, summer on Hilton Head Island could be said to last almost six months. Another factor to consider is that high season rates and traffic are only three months long, so that leaves a lot of time for the smart vacationer to work with.

The sun is nearly as high here but the traffic is low when the rest of the world is seeing spring and fall. And a Golf Digest researcher once called the time after Labor Day on Hilton Head Island “the ideal golf getaway.” Yes, every season has something special to offer on America’s favorite vacation island. The insiders know them all – and you could be one. The inside track comes your way because lots of folks learn about Hilton Head Island as a family getaway. When school lets out, our sugar-white beaches get busy. Our 32 golf courses need every hole and every tee time. And our dolphins feel like movie stars, so many cameras get pointed their way.

Another Story is Where?

These same treasures glitter like inside information again when fall arrives. In autumn, the joys of America’s favorite Island will be quietly awaiting your visit. It’s a time that couples never forget. And the vacation villas of Swallowtail in the legendary Sea Pines have a few weeks to choose from available for you to rent.

The ease of owning one of the vacation villas of Swallowtail at Sea Pines are another trade secret among Hilton Head Island insiders. Swallowtail sits at the center of the original dream of this world-class resort – and it remains modestly affordable.

Somebody You Could Ask

Yes, the true inside tip is about how easy it is to count on a vacation like this every year. Before the famous chains and systems even began, Swallowtail at Sea Pines was taking a custom, individual approach to providing just that – a vacation in paradise that you can depend on – for those who know a wise move when they see one. This kind of inside track and all the privileges that go with it await you here at Swallowtail.

There’s a guy you should talk to if this sounds good to you. Call George Flathmann at 843.671.5551 and ask about Heritage Vacations. Find out about the lifetime memories waiting for you in Swallowtail at Sea Pines – the center of the original Hilton Head Island Dream.