“Well, I understand it, but will anyone else?” It was a perfectly reasonable response from among the board members here in Swallowtail at Sea Pines. A study had concluded that “centering” might be a good summary for what Swallowtail offers uniquely, a characteristic above and beyond what any other property can offer, for a place to own or even rent a vacation home on Hilton Head Island.

The report was reasonable, and yet is centering too “out there,” too esoteric a way to characterize a set of vacation villas that were designed into the original plans for what became America’s favorite vacation island? The immediate answer was, “if yoga pants are the housedress of the 21st century, then maybe a lot more people recognize centering than we might imagine.”

The concept of harmony and balance – of having what you want to have and what you need to have aligned with each other – did become a goal that lots of people recognize, whether they call it centering or not.

Part of the Plan

If the key to real estate value is location, location, location, then who could be better blessed than the owners here? Swallowtail is located right in the middle of the “miracle mile” of Sea Pines, halfway between Harbour Town and the Beach Club. It is here by design, a feature of Sea Pines founder Charles Fraser’s concept for an accessible luxury vacation, close to nature and easy to achieve.

Being right in the middle, and right from the beginning, it is no wonder that Swallowtail is central to so many of the things that people come to Hilton Head Island to enjoy. Three of “golf island’s” 32 courses are right here, and the verandas of many Swallowtail units look right down a fairway. Harbour Town and the Yacht Basin are a pleasant stroll away. You can bike to Lawton Stables or the Forest Preserve as a romantic couple, or with the kids in tow – and be extremely glad you did. The seasonal Farmers & Makers Market, and the monthly First Thursdays Art Market, and The Shops at Sea Pines Center are directly across from us on Lighthouse Road.

The options are endless, and they are practically right at your feet, from the minute you wake up at Swallowtail and begin talking about what you will choose today.

An Answer Better than Ever

A study of what would become of destinations and vacations and hospitality after “the great recession” was titled, “The Era of Consequences.” The study found that people across America were as interested in an annual vacation as ever, but that making sensible choices about those vacations was a higher priority than ever.

In this sense, Swallowtail at Sea Pines became a more perfect choice than ever. The sensible value and the accessible advantages of this location never go out of fashion, and people find them even more important today than when the Sea Pines founders first envisioned them.

We look forward to welcoming you, here in the center of it all.