Published On: March 11th, 20232.6 min read

By: Swallowtail at Sea Pines

Dawn of Delight

Dawn of Delight

The fortunate folks who live here on Hilton Head Island have known it all along. March marks the dawn of an eight-month season of seemingly endless sunshine. The delights of America’s favorite vacation island are in full bloom long before the high season of Hilton Head timeshares arrives.

Hilton Head Island offers a much wider season of prime time than many at first imagined. The sun is nearly as high here, but the traffic is low, and every attraction, every diversion, every activity that made us America’s favorite is awaiting your arrival. Looks as if it’s official now. The “shoulder seasons” have come to full flower, and people from all over the world are in on the story of vacation rentals in Sea Pines.

The Full Flower of Fun

By the time we celebrate the Heritage Classic PGA Tournament – April 10 through 16 this year – our summer has begun for timeshares in Hilton Head, SC, while friends up north are still thawing out. And there’s no denying, those fortunate to be here during high season are not disappointed. About four o’clock each afternoon, a summer breeze ushers in a fresh breath of island air. High season rates and traffic are only three months long, so that leaves a lot of time for the smart vacationer to work with.

Secrets of the Shoulder Seasons

The vacation villas of Swallowtail at Sea Pines are similarly a secret that got out, about how best to enjoy Hilton Head Island. An authentic, groundbreaking development in the discovery of how to offer folks a vacation in paradise that they can actually look forward to every year, Swallowtail sits at the center of the original dream of this world-class resort – and it remains modestly affordable.

The inside track comes your way sooner, rather than later, because lots of folks learn about Hilton Head Island as a family getaway. When school lets out, our sugar-white beaches get busy. Our 32 golf courses need every hole and every tee time. And our dolphins feel like movie stars, because so many cameras get pointed their way.

When Couples Never Forget

These same treasures glitter between March and Memorial Day, and then again when Fall arrives. In autumn, the joys of America’s favorite Island will be quietly awaiting your visit, and the sparkle of October presents what a Golf magazine researcher once called the perfect golf getaway. Early birds in Spring and Fall find a time that couples never forget. And the vacation villas of Swallowtail, in the legendary Sea Pines, have a few weeks to choose from, available for you to rent (for an even better vacation, download “The Ultimate Guide to Vacationing on Hilton Head Island.”

If we sound proud of our island home, it’s because we are, and we are equally eager to share it. Give us a call and find out about available weeks to rent, here in Swallowtail at Sea Pines. Ask about owning, and you are sure to be surprised how easy we make that, too. Shoulder season or any season, we look forward to welcoming you to Swallowtail at Sea Pines.